Sean Severin - Art That Kills

My art shows every spectrum of human thought. From light colorful animation to a dark dimension that one wouldn't want to pass. A quote from the great surrealist Salvador Dali, "Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it." When I look at art, I notice it has the same flaws and imperfections as there are in life. Perfection is lost when an artists manifestation travels from the mind to the artist's hand.

I try to make up for imperfections with my creativity and my style of how my thoughts go on the canvas. Using my ingenuity to create different types of special effects that separate my art from other artists. The idea of creating something that has never been done before is what motivates me to go to the deepest parts of my imagination and try to put that one split second of a thought on canvas. I love the challenge and hope you like the results.

Addictions aren't always negative and Obsessions are essential to creativity. Purging personally releases intuition artistically.

Fact is; No fantasy is unrealistic. I want to touch your soul with silence.

- Sean Severin